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The Involuntary Entrepreneur in Kenya

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

How Ziada has turned necessity into opportunity by empowering involuntary entrepreneurs and driving socio-economic impact

Kenya's entrepreneurial landscape is witnessing a remarkable phenomenon—the rise of the "involuntary entrepreneur." These resilient individuals are not traditional risk-takers who choose entrepreneurship willingly; rather, they are pushed into it by circumstances beyond their control. In this article, we explore the transformative impact of Ziada—a platform that bridges the gap between involuntary entrepreneurs and a world of new opportunities. From investors seeking to make a difference to those working in development and social impact, Ziada presents a compelling opportunity to support sustainable change.

Creating New Opportunities for Involuntary Entrepreneurs:

During the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession, Kenya faced a unique set of challenges, with a downturn in agricultural output and weak private-sector investment straining the economy. As the government imposed business restrictions, curfews, and bans, many Kenyans found themselves jobless and desperate. This dire need for income compelled them to embrace entrepreneurship out of necessity, especially in a country with limited job opportunities where unemployment rates are high.

In response to the scarcity of jobs, many Kenyans have been driven to think creatively and explore alternative ways to earn a livelihood. This necessity has given rise to a growing number of involuntary entrepreneurs who are thrust into self-employment due to retrenchment, redundancy, or a challenging job market. Driven by their passion and determination to maintain their livelihoods, these individuals are monetizing their skills and talents.

In this landscape, Ziada emerges as a game-changing platform, connecting these aspiring entrepreneurs with a multitude of potential customers in their vicinity. Whether it's car repairs, plumbing solutions, or tutoring services, Ziada swiftly links these service providers to customers, making a positive impact on both their lives and their communities. Through Ziada, these involuntary entrepreneurs can leverage their expertise to generate income, bridging the gap between their talents and the demands of the local market.

Supporting Involuntary Entrepreneurs: A Key Solution:

Involuntary entrepreneurship differs from its voluntary counterpart in origin and approach. While voluntary entrepreneurs pursue their passions and visions, involuntary entrepreneurs react to external circumstances, such as job loss or limited opportunities. This reactive approach poses unique challenges, including

  • Resource constraints

  • Lack of formal business training or essential business skills

  • Limited access to capital

  • Concerns about sustainability

  • Lack of a strong support network

Nevertheless, their resilience and determination push them forward in the face of adversity.

For involuntary entrepreneurs, Ziada is a lifeline—a valuable solution that empowers them to leverage their expertise and generate income. By tapping into the platform's extensive network of potential customers, they can establish businesses without the burden of hefty start-up capital or overhead costs. Ziada acts as a vital bridge between these entrepreneurs' talents and the demands of the local market, enabling them to promptly connect with people seeking assistance across various domains, informal or otherwise.

The Ziada Advantage: Empowering Involuntary Entrepreneurs to Thrive:

Though involuntary entrepreneurs may initially enter the business world out of necessity, many of them experience a shift in mindset over time. Through hard work, determination, and a bit of luck, some have transformed their small enterprises into sustainable ventures that generate a steady income. Their journey exemplifies resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges.

They are also embracing the digital age. Many have adopted technology like Ziada, as well as, utilising social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp to advertise their products and services. This shift towards technology has not only expanded their customer base but also improved operational efficiency.

With Ziada, those unexpectedly thrust into entrepreneurship can not only sustain their current lifestyles but also create thriving businesses based on their skills and passions. The platform's user-friendly interface and efficient matching system liberate service providers to focus on what they do best, while Ziada expertly handles marketing and customer acquisition. In challenging times, Ziada stands as a beacon of hope, offering a supportive and accessible platform for involuntary entrepreneurs to showcase their abilities and navigate the world of business ownership.

Ziada: A New Opportunity Calling:

Investors and social impact enthusiasts can be agents of change by supporting Ziada's vision. The platform empowers both voluntary and involuntary entrepreneurs by providing a conducive ecosystem for their businesses to flourish. With a commitment to linking service providers with clients actively seeking their services, Ziada goes beyond mere connections—it offers:

  • a business advisory service

  • access to equipment rental, fueling their growth and success

  • access to loans for business financing

Ziada's transformative potential lies in its unique features designed to empower entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can list their services on Ziada for free, while the pay-per-lead model ensures fair and sustainable growth. By hosting both customers and service providers on one platform, Ziada streamlines the process, opening doors to new opportunities. Moreover, access to the Ziada Business Advisory Clinics equips entrepreneurs with the essential knowledge needed to drive their businesses forward.


Involuntary entrepreneurship in Kenya is a testament to the nation's resilience and ingenuity. To drive lasting social impact and fuel a wave of sustainable change, investing in Ziada is the key. The platform connects dreams with opportunities, creating a world where both voluntary and involuntary entrepreneurs can thrive, shape their destinies, and contribute to economic growth. By supporting Ziada, investors and social impact enthusiasts become catalysts for transformative change, unlocking potential and driving progress in communities across Kenya.

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