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Ziada Feature Stories

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Ziada enabling informal workers, artisans and tradespeople to find work digitally

Why We Invested

Article by: Catalyst Fund


How to diversify your investment opportunities and fund more women founders

Fund More Women

Article by: Accion

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Kenyan startup Ziada returned after hiatus in 2021, and swiftly saw swift uptake of its platform

Find Informal Service Jobs

Article by: Disrupt Africa

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Ziada, a platform that connects service providers in the informal sector with clients seeking their services wins first place

MIT Africa Innovate Conference

Article by: Startup Recap

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Meet Annbel Angwenyi, co-founder of ziada a platform that enables you to find and book trusted services within your area

Meet The Enterpreneurs 

Article by: Uncap


Ziada (Kenya) - Matching informal service providers to local clients and providing them with access to value added services

Pariti Founder Fellowship

Article by: Pariti

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How Annabel turned her app idea into a growing business

From Idea to Business

Article by: Google Play

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Annabel, co-founder of Ziada (formerly Kazi App) spent three years incubating her start-up before launching it

Ziada Start-up Launch

Article by: Massimo Fascinari


Service on demand startup Ziada (formerly Kazi App) connects skilled casual workers with Kenyans

Service on Demand Startup

Article by: TechBuild Africa

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