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Guide to planning a simple wedding - 10 service providers that you'll need and can access on Ziada

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You'll want everything to be perfect, so you need to make sure that all of the details are taken care of. You'll need a great venue, tasty food, beautiful flowers, an excellent band or DJ to keep everyone dancing ...the list goes on!

Ziada is here to make that process a lot less stressful by connecting you to service providers for your big day to be a memorable and successful day.

1. Event planners

A wedding planner is a perfect solution to having all of your bases covered, from finding venues to managing all the logistics and details of your big day.

The role of an event planner is to take care of everything, from selecting a venue to managing every aspect of your wedding day. This includes making sure that everything runs smoothly—from catering and entertainment arrangements to transportation arrangements for guests and family members who may not live in town, seating charts (if you want them), and more. They can also help with items like invitations or save-the-date cards if you don't want to do it yourself!

There are many different types of planners: generalists who handle everything from start to finish; coordinators who specialise in one category such as floral design; or even just someone who specialises in organising food tastings at local restaurants. If this is something new for you, it's important that whoever you choose has experience working under tight deadlines as well as getting along with everyone involved—including yourself!

2. Décor, tents, tables and chairs

The décor of your wedding is the first thing people will notice, and the first thing they'll remember. It's also what they'll talk about, photograph, and post on social media. You can't afford to skimp on this part of your wedding—you may want to spend more than you think you should on it.

If it's an outdoor event and weather permits, get beautiful tents and tables for your guests. If not, then consider renting them for the day if you don't have enough space indoors for everyone to sit comfortably without feeling cramped together in a small room or outdoor area (which could result in some pretty uncomfortable situations).

3. Tailors

If you want to make your wedding day special, it is important that you find a reliable tailor. Tailors are like artists and they have experience in creating custom gowns for weddings. They can stitch bridesmaid dresses, groom and groomsmen suits, parents' outfits and even your parents-in-laws'.

You'll need to choose a tailor who is experienced in stitching wedding dresses or whichever items of clothing you are looking for. The last thing you want is for everything to go wrong on the big day! Make sure that this person has experience doing this sort of work and has references or reviews from past clients who were happy with their services.

You will also need someone who will be able to deliver on time because if they can't do that then there's no point choosing them at all! So choose wisely when choosing which tailor will get the job done right by making sure they have experience delivering high-quality work within tight deadlines (because nothing ruins a wedding more than having everything delivered late).

4. Food and Beverages

Food and beverage are a big part of Kenyan wedding culture and are essential to the success of your wedding. When planning your reception, deciding whether you want a buffet or sit-down meal is important. Buffets can be a great option for smaller weddings where people are more likely to socialise with each other rather than stay seated at their tables. However, if you do opt for a sit-down meal, make sure that the venue has enough space for everyone's seats and tables so that there isn't any overcrowding during meal service.

Food and beverage providers will usually provide all cutlery, crockery and glassware necessary for serving food on your big day—but they can also offer much more. From different menus and cuisines to waiters/servers who will serve your guests during cocktail hour or dinner; these professionals have everything under control so that you don't have to. But just in case they don't, you can always find more service providers on Ziada.

5. Photographer and Videographer

We are a big advocate of taking photos and videos at your wedding. As much as you want to capture the moments, you can’t be everywhere at once. You might miss out on some of the best shots! Your guests will have their own cameras, but that doesn’t guarantee that they'll get the shots you want. And besides, having professionals doing this is more cost-effective than hiring someone to take pictures or videos for every guest (and then paying them again).

When it comes to photography and videography, you don't have to go overboard. In fact, some of the best wedding photos are taken during the reception when guests are dancing and having fun. The same goes for footage from a professional videographer.

The key is that your photographers and videographers should be able to capture the emotions of your day in an unobtrusive way—they should be able to capture every moment without getting in the way or distracting from what's happening around them. They should also have a portfolio that includes examples of their work so you can see if they're capable of producing quality images and video footage.

6. Car hire

Hiring a car for your wedding is a great way to ensure you'll have a stress-free ride to and from the ceremony. You and your bridal party will be able to relax in style and arrive at the venue on time and refreshed. You can also use the car to get around town before or after the wedding. This is especially helpful if you're having an outdoor event, or one that's at a venue far from where you live.

Whether you're planning an intimate wedding or a lavish wedding at the local hall, hiring a car for your wedding is an excellent way to add some flair and fun to your big day. You can hire a car for your guests to arrive in, or even have the car drive you down the aisle as part of your grand entrance!

It gives the bride and groom an opportunity to get away from all of the chaos that comes with planning a wedding and focus on one another. It also provides them with privacy so they can have some time alone together on the big day.

7. Flowers

Flowers play a central role in the wedding ceremony, reception, and photography. They create ambience and set the tone for your entire event.

If you don't have time to plan your own arrangements, or if you simply want to focus on other details of your day-to-day life as you prepare for marriage, hiring a florist may be a good option for you. Consider what kind of flowers will look best with the other decorations at your venue—for example, if it has a lot of brickwork or stone pillars around it then you might want something more organic like wildflowers rather than potted plants that are already established in pots since they could clash with those natural elements already present there! If, however, it has warm colours such as yellows then perhaps some colourful flowers would look great against them (like roses).

8. Cake

When it comes to planning your wedding, one of the most important things to consider is the cake. The cake is a symbol for your first meal as husband and wife, so finding a baker who can masterfully execute their craft will ensure that this part of your day goes off without a hitch. It's okay if you don't have much experience with cakes; just make sure you see some examples of their work before deciding on one. Make sure they taste good too!

9. Music/Entertainment

The DJ and band are the heart of a wedding. They make it more than just a party; they make it an experience that your guests will remember for years to come. Plus, they're a good way to get people on the dance floor without embarrassing yourself or anyone else.

Wedding DJs and bands can help with music selection. It’s always important to have an idea of what kind of music you want to play at the wedding, but it can be hard to narrow it down when there’s so much variety out there! A professional DJ or band can help you pick out music that will keep everyone on the dance floor all night long.

Professional wedding entertainers know how to get people moving! Whether it’s an acoustic guitar solo or traditional music, wedding musicians know how to get people up and dancing in no time flat! If you don’t have any musical talent in your family or friends group, then this is especially important!

You don’t have to worry about the music playing during your after-party too – most DJs and bands offer dinner music packages where they play light background music during dinner that doesn’t compete with conversation (this also helps prevent guests from leaving before dessert).

10. Hair stylists and make-up artists

Getting your hair and makeup done on your wedding day is a must. The right stylist can make your look feel like an extension of yourself, in the best way possible. They can also help you achieve the perfect look for your wedding day, which is so important when it comes to creating memories that last a lifetime!

A hair stylist will be able to help you find the right style for your wedding day, whether it's classic or modern, elegant or fun. They'll also work with you to ensure it's something that will stay put through all of the activities and events of the day, while still looking great!

A makeup artist will help you find just the right look for your eyes and lips—one that makes you feel beautiful, but still like yourself. When they're done with you, they'll leave you with gorgeous photos that will bring back happy memories every time you look at them!

Wedding planning in Kenya is not easy. Finding service providers is challenging, but not when you have Ziada.

As a bride or groom, you want to make sure that your wedding is as perfect as it can be. This means finding not only the right venue but also all of the service providers that will be needed to make it happen. Wedding planning in Kenya is not easy. Finding service providers is challenging, but not when you have Ziada.

Ziada is a platform that brings together many service providers in Kenya and makes them available for booking and selection purposes via our mobile app. When requesting a service through Ziada we encourage you to put in all the important details so that you don't get providers who aren't able to achieve your standard accepting your booking only to not deliver. Include information like the type of event/wedding (casual/formal), venue size (guest count), budget range and any other relevant information so that the right service providers get back in touch with you.

Give honest feedback about each service provider after interacting with them (whether good or bad). Your comments help us improve our platform by showing which providers are performing well and which ones are not living up to expectations. This will also help other brides and grooms make more informed choices so that they can have their perfect weddings as well.


Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. As you embark on this exciting journey, remember that Ziada is here to help you make that dream come true.


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