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Introducing The First Pariti Founder Fellows

Woman smiling Annabel Angwenyi

Article by: Pariti


In March 2022, we put out a call inviting startups across Africa to apply to the first Pariti Founder Fellowship. Today, we’re pleased to announce the first cohort of remarkable founders for the Pariti Founder Fellowship. This 6-week virtual fellowship brings the best of Pariti’s programs, products, people and technology to startups doing interesting and impactful work across the continent.


We received over 300 applications for this Fellowship, from which we selected 8 fantastic founders. We’re excited to welcome the founders to the fellowship and invite you to learn more about them, the companies they’re building and why they joined the Pariti Founder Fellowship.

Annabel Angwenyi


Ziada (Kenya) — Matching informal service providers to local clients and providing them with access to value added services including equipment rental, marketing support and business advisory services.

“Last year, we had sent in our company for review. We received some very helpful feedback that we implemented and we were able to get into an accelerator program. When I saw that Pariti was offering a fellowship for founders, I was interested because of the support we had already received from them. And when I read more about the program, especially how it combined the training with a demo day - I thought it was a great fit.”

Annabel Angwenyi, Co-founder and CEO, Ziada.

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