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Ziada collaborates with KOA to bring digital saving opportunities to the Kenyan informal sector

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

Ziada is proud to announce its partnership with Koa. We have partnered with Koa, a leading financial inclusion organisation in Kenya, to bring wealth creation and digital saving opportunities to the country's significant informal sector.

The growth of small businesses and the informal sector is an important driver of Kenya's economy. Ziada's goal is to make sure small businesses and entrepreneurs working in the informal sector are not left behind. We empower these businesses and workers by providing access to work opportunities, tools and knowledge that will help them get started on their path towards success.

Annabel Angwenyi, Ziada’s co-founder and CEO commented “Ziada is committed to giving support to our users across the multitudes of challenges faced, from the market linkage and advisory that helps run holistic businesses that can weather all financial climates.” . She also added that “Partnerships like this one between Ziada and Koa allow our users on both ends to increase their customer portfolios while providing them a platform that allows them to grow the money that they unlock from jobs gotten through the app”.

By partnering with Koa, Ziada is one step closer to achieving our vision. Ziada's service providers will now have access to Koa's financial education and saving products. The information offered by Koa will help Ziada's service providers to save money and prepare better for the future. And this will ultimately lead to the creation of wealth in Kenya.

About Ziada

Ziada is a startup that sees the power in the informal sector and the impact it has in our communities and on our economy. As a result of our support and empowerment of small businesses, we believe that a virtuous circle can be created, enabling these businesses to succeed and scale. Service providers are able to access the relevant tools they need to solve their business challenges and at the same time increase their client base. Ziada has country-wide coverage across Kenya and our mission is to match every client with a service need to a qualified and ready service provider.

About Koa

Koa is a savings and investment platform that allows you to save towards your short term and long term financial goals, and watch your money grow from the comfort of your phone.

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