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How to increase your income and create wealth in 3 easy steps

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Wealth creation is not a science. It's neither about luck nor being in the right place at the right time. It's about discipline and taking action. In order to create wealth, you need to identify your skills, monetise them and build a culture of saving. This guide will help you get started with taking more actionable steps with Ziada to generate more income and create a saving culture so that when new opportunities arise, you have enough saved up to take them without hesitation!

1. Identify your skills

The first step in creating wealth is identifying your skills. This can be challenging because many of us operate on the assumption that we don't have any talents, but this simply isn't true. In fact, most people have at least one skill that they could use to generate income or make money while doing something they enjoy.

Skill identification is a process that requires you to think about what you're skilled in, what you’re naturally talented in, or what you enjoy doing. If you're not sure what those are, it's time to get clear on your strengths and weaknesses.

Start with a blank piece of paper and write down everything that comes to mind when brainstorming about yourself. For example: “I'm skilled at woodwork,” or “I'm talented in painting on canvas” or “I speak Swahili fluently” or even “I can play the guitar so I can play music at weddings or teach people how to play too!”

woman creating a list

When you've finished listing out everything that comes to mind, look over what's written on the piece of paper. The next step is action.

2. Monetise your skills through Ziada

Once you've figured out the skills and talents you can monetise, it's time to turn them into income.

One way of doing this is through Ziada - our mobile app that allows you to list your services and connect to customers seeking those services. Using Ziada is a good choice since people are already using this app regularly anyway (and if they aren't yet then maybe now is the perfect time to start!).

If your skill is guitar playing, you can list Guitarist as the service you offer under the category of events (DJs and bands or under Children’s Entertainment) where you can get paid to perform at weddings, children’s parties or even office parties. Users who want to buy services that you offer can simply use their phone to find everything they need in one place - Ziada!

Ziada service providers

You could use Ziada as your main source of income by offering several services through it or just as an additional source of income alongside your day job. It allows you to be an independent entrepreneur who can define the hours when you are available to be booked, and to book gigs anywhere you are in Kenya.

3. Start a saving culture

Saving is one of the most important things you can do to create wealth. You shouldn’t spend all the money you make. The earlier you start saving your money, the more time it will have to grow and compound over time.

The key to creating a good savings habit is to start small and then increase your savings amount over time. This means that even if you can only save KSh. 100 per week at first, this is better than not saving anything at all! It’s also really important that you save regularly rather than just occasionally or when something happens. So once you've set up a regular saving schedule, stick with it!

Koa makes it really easy for you to start saving; whether you are saving for a specific goal or just want to start a culture of saving for a rainy day. With Koa, you can send money directly from M-Pesa to your savings account right from your mobile phone.


Keep in mind that there are two very important things that will determine whether or not you will be successful at creating wealth: planning and consistency (or staying focused). You should plan out where all your money goes each month so that there aren't any surprises when payday comes. Also make sure that whatever amount of savings goal(s) you set for yourself, stick with it!

If you want to create wealth, start now; stop waiting around. Start with what you have today. If you need help starting, use a financial advisor or a coach to help guide you through your journey. Don't worry if it doesn't feel right at first—that's how any journey begins: by taking the first step. The only way that anyone has ever achieved anything in life is by starting somewhere and keeping on going until they reach their destination.

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