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Verification and Service Bundles on Ziada for Service Providers

Online platforms are an important marketplace for service providers to connect with customers. However, with the rise of online services, building trust and credibility has become critical to stand out in a competitive landscape. Ziada, a leading platform for service providers, understands this need and offers a comprehensive verification process for its providers.

What is verification on Ziada?

Verification on Ziada is a process designed to establish the credibility and authenticity of service providers on the platform. It involves obtaining a green tick or checkmark against your profile, indicating that you have been verified by Ziada. To complete the verification process, service providers need to

  1. Submit a clear selfie photo.

  2. Upload their national ID.

  3. Make a payment of KES 100.

Benefits of Getting Verified as a Service Provider

1. Trust and credibility:

The green tick/checkmark on a service provider's profile builds trust among customers, showcasing professionalism and reliability. It assures potential clients that the provider's identity has been verified by Ziada, creating a positive first impression.

2. Enhanced visibility:

Verified service providers enjoy greater visibility on the Ziada platform. With the green tick, they are more likely to attract potential customers searching for reliable services, leading to increased inquiries and bookings.

3. Competitive advantage:

Verification sets service providers apart from unverified competitors, giving them a competitive edge in the Ziada marketplace. Customers are more likely to choose verified providers over unverified ones due to the added assurance of authenticity.

4. Increased customer engagement:

Verified providers gain access to additional features and tools to engage with customers effectively. By leveraging these resources, service providers can build stronger relationships with clients and improve the overall quality of their services.

Exclusive Service Bundles for Verified Service Providers

One of the key advantages of becoming a verified service provider on Ziada is gaining access to exclusive service bundles. These bundles are designed to support and enhance businesses in various ways.

1. PesaKit Business Loans:

Ziada partners with PesaKit to offer verified service providers access to business loans. These loans can be instrumental in expanding operations, investing in new equipment, or efficiently managing cash flow. With financial support readily available, service providers can take their businesses to new heights.

2. Ziada Equipment and Tool Rentals:

Verified service providers can conveniently rent the equipment and tools they need for their businesses through Ziada. This service eliminates the need for a large upfront investment in costly equipment, making it easier for providers to start and scale their operations.

3. Ziada Business Advisory Services:

Verified service providers have the opportunity to receive valuable business advisory services from Ziada's trusted partners. These services provide expert guidance on various aspects of business management, such as marketing strategies, financial planning, and operational efficiency. Leveraging this expertise, providers can make informed decisions and optimize their business processes.

4. Category Forums and In-App Messaging Services:

Verified service providers gain access to category-specific forums where they can connect and collaborate with peers in their industry. These forums foster networking and knowledge-sharing, allowing providers to stay updated on industry trends and best practices. Additionally, the in-app messaging services enable efficient communication between service providers and potential customers, streamlining the service booking process.

How to Initiate the Verification Process and Access the Service Bundles

Initiating the verification process and gaining access to the exclusive service bundles is a straightforward process.

  1. List your business(es) on the Ziada app.

  2. Submit a selfie photo and upload a clear image of your national ID for verification purposes.

  3. Make a payment of KES 100 to complete the verification process.

  4. The Ziada team will review your profile to ensure accuracy and authenticity.

  5. Once verified, you will receive a green tick/checkmark on your profile, indicating your verified status.

  6. As a verified service provider, you can then access the service bundles, including business loans through PesaKit, equipment and tool rentals from Ziada, business advisory services from Ziada partners, category forums, and in-app messaging services.


Verification on Ziada is an important step for service providers to establish trust, credibility, and visibility in the online marketplace. By becoming a verified provider, you not only gain a competitive advantage but also unlock opportunities through exclusive service bundles. Whether it's accessing business loans, renting equipment, receiving expert advice, or networking with industry peers, Ziada's comprehensive ecosystem offers verified service providers the tools they need to grow and enhance their businesses. So, take the leap and join Ziada's verified community today!

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